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On August 14, Food Talk 3 presented by Richard Wolak of Vancouver Foodster, took place at the Pop-up patio at The Grand Westin on Robson Street.  On a lovely summer night – it’s a hidden oasis where tall cool summer drinks can be enjoyed poolside in the open air with a view of Vancouver’s spectacular skyline.

What started as an idea for a tax write off when Eric Pateman, President and Founder of Edible Canada (@EdibleCanada) was leisurely sipping cappuccinos on the Left bank of Paris has now grown into a thriving BC owned company which gives locals the opportunity to buy local products from 300 BC farmers and suppliers. But Eric says Edibles Canada is also about combining food with adventure as he has conducted culinary kayaking tours and a various assortment of other activities transported from his bucket list. What’s next Eric? Bungee jumping into blueberry bushes?   Eric’s long term goal is to take BC cuisine into the global market to let the world know that Canada cuisine has more to offer than just maple syrup.


All juiced up and roaring to go, it took a trip to Nepal for Zack Berman, a painter and Ryan Slater who has a degree in City Planning to discover its more fun to go on a juicefest than drunk feast as the exotic concoctions of sea buck thorn berry juice was the inspiration behind the creative mixtures at The Juice Truck (@juicetruck). But why a food truck?  Centrally located in Gastown, the boys who are co-founders of The Juice Truck, love to roam the streets of Vancouver bringing their juicy elixirs to all.  Besides the regular Almost Chocolate Smoothie which I love, they also feature special cococtions  from time to time like Erin Ireland’s banana bread smoothie.  And did I mention you can get these yummy smoothies in almond milk which is a big plus for those of who are allergic to dairy.   And just recently launched, The Juice Truck now offers a juice cleansing system.


Who else in the world has Italian New Zealand bees pollinating their fruit trees?  Patrick Murphy and wife Lee (who was unable to attend), who co-own Vista D’oro Farms and Winery (@Vistadoro), are now in their sixth year of business and produce six culinary jams per season plus their infamous fortified walnut wine which was placed Bronze out of 1000 competitors at the Shanghai Wine Festival. The farm is open to visitors Thursdays to Sunday but if you can’t make it there, their walnut wine is available with dinner at Edibles Canada but don’t invite Alvin, Theodore or Simon as they’re bound to go a little too nuts over this.


Mary Mackay thought she was born to dye her hair pink and listen to head banging Muzak but turns out her talents lie in pounding dough and painting the city delicious with her artisian breads and pastry at Terra Breads (@TerraBreads). With a history of waitressing, it wasn’t until she worked 8 months with a French Baker when she perfected her love of the dough and is now the Head Baker and co-owner of what is now a successful bakery whose breads can not only be found at their four locations, but at restaurants and supermarkets.  At Food Talks 3 we were given an opportunity to sample raw dough and indulge in a piece of sourdough bread.  But my personal favorite is still the apple focaccia – heck, make it easy on yourself, just get one of everything.


CEO and Owner of  Organic Lives (@OrganicLives) and personal health coach, Preet Marwaha believes that when we reconnect with food we not only change our own individual health but the overall health of the entire planet. He believes that by taking control of who grows our food, we take control of our health.  Out that premise he not only sells healthy foods at the Chopra Centre, but also produces a pure coconut water and macaroons that you can buy at Whole Foods and other markets. Due to the fire at the Quebec Street location, Preet is currently scouting for a new location and says it will probably take 3 months to be up and running.


And should I mention that the take home treat of the night was from Cocoa Nymph,  So SAVE THE DATES: Food Talks Volume 4 is October 23 & Food Talks Volume 5 is December 4.

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